Why companies do not implement marketing automation

If you understand what your buyers are interested in to read or watch and how they consume information, you solve the problem of low conversion. However, this is going to take much time and efforts, so you should better use sales automation crm.

When you define the content with the help of sales automation CRM do not forget to provide time for the check of this content! Some companies liking to save time plan weekly formal meetings of the check of content with the important people participating in its creation. Other companies work in the style of dynamic modern media, holding the morning briefings devoted to the ideas of content and storytelling. Remember that to create and start content is only the beginning. You will need to analyze, make changes and to optimize content so that it not only was pleasant to your audience but also brought you the expected results.

If the automation of marketing looks difficult, then marketing specialists will spend more time and energies on understanding how to work with it, than on marketing. It is important to choose the correct system and to competently implement it, then you will be sure that you devote the time to work with the target audience and prospective clients, but not to attempts to deal with the system.

So there are the next problems with marketing automation implementation:

  • Feedback problem according to leads from the sales office
  • Bad integration of the platform with activities in marketing and sales
  • Lack of the corresponding infrastructure on collection and analytics of data
  • Problems with the compatibility of systems and their interaction

Lack of key performance indicators (KPIs) — for marketing automation measurement

It is interesting that t more than a half of marketing specialists reported that the lack of strategy for Marketing Automation is the biggest obstacle to success. Anyway, you can avoid it and other obstacles if you carefully plan everything in advance.