– How to use a bitcoin mixer is a tool used to enhance your anonymity online by making people’s bitcoin transactions anonymous. First, you need to send your coins to BestMixer, then it will mix it and send you your coins in small amounts from different addresses. This way your actions stay private.

bitcoin mixer

What is

BestMixer.iois nothing more than a service which provides an opportunity for an anonymous transfer of bitcoins.

To mix your bitcoins, you need to create a purse that can connect to the internet using the Tor browser. You can find different wallets online and choose the one you like the most. After creating the purse, select the Tools, tab and set the Network value of port 9050 to connect via Tor.

Accordingly, in order for your wallet to work, you need to install the Tor browser in advance and run it. Now, in the Receive tab, create from two to five addresses. Open the bitcoin mixer website and specify the bitcoin addresses of the wallets that you generated.

Then the essence of work is in the following:

  • The service will receive your bitcoins and will send them from different addresses at different times to the addresses you specified
  • Then you will receive the sent amount already mixed.
  • Thus, it becomes almost impossible to identify your identity.

Do not forget to save the guarantee letter, which must be provided in cases when errors occur in the bitcoin service of the mixer. The guarantee letter is digitally signed and retained even if cookies are deleted.